Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Services in Riverside CA


Are you looking for a lawn service in Riverside CA? Look no further than the cut and trim lawn service provided by Landscaping Pros Riverside CA. They provide a variety of lawn care services, tree pruning services and shrub pruning services. They work hard, every day, to earn and keep your trust. They want to take care of all lawn service and they have the skills and desire to do so.

Call them to take care of the maintenance of your yard and property. They will happily give you a free estimate and work with you to get the services you need at a price you can afford.


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Call them to take care of all of your lawn maintenance in Riverside CA. Although their company provides lawn cutting services in, they also take care of all seasonal maintenance of your lawn.

In spring, they will feed and fertilize your lawn to promote rich, lush growth and fast green-up after winter's harsh weather. The Lawn care services they provide also include control of both annual and perennial weeds that plague your lawn. If needed, they will also over seed your lawn in spring to fill in any bare spots.

In autumn, their company will over seed your lawn because that is the best time of the year to plant grass seed. The grass will take off in the cooler fall weather and the following year your lawn will look better than ever.


If you only want lawn mowing in Riverside CA, they will gladly work out a regular schedule with you to keep your lawn cut and looking its best. Their technicians will show up on schedule to keep your lawn cut to the appropriate height. You will never be left wondering why your grass is so long and looks like it desperately needs a cutting.

If you would like to take advantage of their cut and trim lawn service, they will be glad to help you out. With this service, they will cut your grass and also trim along any garden beds, fences, patios, lawn ornaments and walkways. You can rest assured that your yard will always have that sharp, manicured look so desired by homeowners.


Another service the company provides is lawn treatment. This means that they will treat your lawn for whatever ails it. Beginning in spring, they will spray to remove dandy lions and other perennial weeds just as they are emerging from the soil. Next, they will put down grass seed to increase the fullness of your lawn. Once those seeds have germinated, they will treat your lawn for annual weeds.

Beginning in spring, they will fertilize your lawn according the schedule that you want.

If your lawn is troubled by insects, the Landscaping Riverside CA Company will treat your lawn to help eradicate those pests.


Do you need trees pruned or trimmed on your property? Their company can help you keep your trees to a size best for your yard. They can even help restore a tree that was damaged by a storm or has suffered damage from pests or diseases.

Their trained staff will evaluate the health and viability of the trees in question and consult with you before making the first cut. Their goal is to help you keep and maintain mature trees on your property and encourage strong, healthy growth on both mature trees and recently planted, younger trees.


Along with their tree pruning services, they also provide shrub pruning services. They will help you keep the beauty and shape of specimen shrubs as well as those that area part of a shrub boarder. They will prune shrubs in the boarder to increase air flow and light penetration so the shrubs stay healthy and will continue to provide beauty and privacy for years to come.